Experiential Anatomy

In this work we combine and juxtapose the study of anatomy with imagery-based movement improvisation. We refine our awareness of inner spaces and body rhythms, of the space around us and of what we can hear, smell and see. We use images, some more poetic, some more prosaic, of structures in our bodies, to help us change state and develop satisfying movement. We study and absorb anatomical images, explore aspects of our own anatomy through guided movement, and learn to distinguish a few key structures by touch (palpation). Along the way we learn something about the nervous system; about different kinds of connective tissue, such as fascia and bones; about the function of various muscles and what nerves connect to them (innervation); and about the biomechanics of some joints. The knowledge gained about the shape and function of elements of our body then enables us to use more precise anatomical imagery as a basis for further movement exploration.